KINGSBRIDGE Local Exchange Trading Scheme


LETS is a sophisticated bartering system and an excellent way of trading goods and services with local people without the need of cash.

As a member of your LETS, if you need a helping hand with your garden or around the home, need a lift to the station, fancy a relaxing massage or dozens of other things which would normally cost sterling, one of your LETS contacts may be able to help. You too may have interesting things to offer.


Every LETS scheme uses its own local currency. In Kingsbridge we use Bridges: one Bridge = 1 (approximately). You can trade directly with LETS members using the Directory or use the LETS monthly market, currently held at Harbour House, Kingsbridge.


Being an active member of LETS is a good way of meeting people who may share your values and interests, particularly if you are new to the area. At the monthly market we meet up to trade and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and chat. In addition you might like to offer a talk or slide show, a special meal, a walk or a picnic to earn Bridges; or come along to an event arranged by another member.

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